Health Insurance


We all know Health Insurance can be costly and complicated.  There a alot of plans with many different features.  The key is finding one that fits you and your family.  There are several questions you should ask yourself when choosing a health insurance plan.

  1. Do my family and I need Dental Insurance as part of my plan?
  2. Do my family and I need a Vision Insurance plan?
  3. Does the plan cover any medications I might need?
  4. Does the plan have an restrictions I should be aware of?

There are several different types of plans that can be purchased

  • Traditional Health Insurance – A traditional plan (also known as an “indemnity” or “fee for service” plan) is designed to cover a broad range of medical expenses such as hospitalization, doctor visits, surgery, diagnostic tests and prescription drugs.
  • Managed Healthcare Plans – The term “managed care” refers to health plans that attempt to manage both the cost and quality of health care services for their members.
    • HMO
    • HMO Point of Service
    • PPO

For detailed information on HealthCare Insurance check out this Consumer Guide.

Asking the right questions can help customize a plan that suits you and your family.  The choices you make are the difference between a great healthcare experience and a frustrating one.  Our staff of professionals can help you ask the right questions and come up with solutions.  Let us help.